Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick/stain review


Bourjois is probably my favourite mid-priced makeup brand, and the general quality of their offerings is often comparable to much higher-end offerings, so I thought I’d do a quick review of their long-wear liquid lipstick that is my usual go-to staple.

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Smashbox Long Wear Lip Lacquer Review: Thumbs down!

I did the rounds of the counters last week in my hunt to find a new lip stain that could go the distance for several hours of wear including eating and drinking. I found a Smashbox counter, which was a brand I had never bought from before, and the counter assistant recommended the Smashbox Be Legendary long-wear lip lacquer, which I chose in the shade “currant.”

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So Susan LipoPout lipstick review (Cats)


So Susan is a brand that features heavily in a lot of the UK’s main beauty subscription boxes like Glossybox and Birchbox, and they also offer their own Lip Love monthly bag too for $20.95 a month, including shipping to the UK-and in fact, it is shipped from within the UK, despite the website being priced in $$.

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Lip Monthly beauty box $5 code, UK shipping !

In my continual search to find new beauty subscription boxes that will ship to the UK, I have found Lip Monthly. This is a lip-only box that sends you four or five full sized lip products each month for $12.95, including shipping worldwide-and unlike most of the USA-based boxes, they will ship to the UK.

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New UK beauty subscription box: Kawaii Panda (Korean skincare)

I search the internet practically daily to find out if there are any new beauty subscription boxes available, and today I have hit the jackpot! Kawaii Panda is a beauty subscription box that specialises in Korean skincare and makeup, and is shipped from here in the UK.

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“Just what the world needs, another makeup blog!” -Said no one ever.

Intro pic


I’ve finally decided to throw my lot in with the cool kids by starting my own beauty-ish blog, you know, pretty much like everyone else.

A little about me: I am a plus size 30-something makeup and beauty subscription box obsessive living in the UK, fluent in both English and sarcasm-of which there will be plenty (not to mention the odd cuss word) in my posts.

My personal style has been described as that of a preschool kid’s TV presenter-make of that what you will-with unnatural coloured hair and an unhealthy interest in clashing prints and bright, bold colours. I think that makeup and beauty should be fun first and foremost, and I am going to try to bring that to my posts, along with a hefty dose of straight talking. If I love it I’ll tell the world, but if I’m not impressed, everyone will hear exactly why that is too!

In terms of the sort of content you will find here, I get a lot of beauty boxes and will try to get to my reviews/unboxings on the same day that they arrive, but aside from that, expect my posts to be erratic, varied and kinda sweary, but beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.

My work gig is that of freelance writer/journalist, and having said for the longest time that I ain’t writing shit for free, I have finally changed my mind-not least because otherwise, I was in danger of turning one of my ongoing gigs with a very loose brief into my own personal product review forum, and there was only so long they were going to tolerate that for!

So, welcome and enjoy the ride.