Beauty boxes: A UK beauty subscription box list

There are now 16 beauty subscription boxes in the UK (not including the nail boxes)! In this post I will provide links to all of them.

If you are looking for beauty boxes in Ireland, check out this post.

In this post, I will list all some of the best UK-based beauty boxes that I am aware of, and the basic info on their costs and content, in no particular order. A couple of these boxes are offered up on websites that list in dollars not ££, but all of the ship from within the UK.

If you want to see a separate list of nail-specific beauty boxes in the UK, which are not included within this post, check out my nail polish subscription box list.

Birchbox: Receive The Best Of Beauty Every Month


So Birchbox is pretty much the top of the pile of all of the UK beauty boxes, being the biggest name worldwide. They are also the best known, so they get the best brands and new product launches, delivered monthly for £10 per box (discounts for longer subscriptions) plus £2.95 shipping. Being among the lowest cost and always offering a good haul of both full size and sample sized products with a total value much higher than the price of the box, Birchbox is a must for me, regardless of whatever else you buy! Sign up here:Birchbox: Receive The Best Of Beauty Every Month


Glossybox generic

Glossybox is one of the two big hitters in the UK beauty box world, and costs £10 per month plus £3.25 shipping, with discounts available for three, six or twelve month subscriptions. Glossybox includes a mixture of makeup, skincare and accessories averaging 4-5 items a month, ranging from tiny travel sizes to full-sized offerings.

Little-Known Box

little known box

Little-Known Box only launched in May 2016, and is a subscription box that specialises in collating offerings from up-and-coming, emerging and small independent brands that you might not have heard of, and are unlikely to find duplicated in other boxes.

It costs £14.95 per month (plus £3.75 shipping) for the month-to-month option, with discounts available for three, six and twelve-month prepaid subscriptions.



Dollibox costs £10 per month plus £3.95 shipping (once more, discounts available for longer subscriptions) and is one of my favourite UK beauty boxes, generally offering a well-collated collection of high value items, and lots of full-sized products.

Kawaii Panda


Kawaii Panda is (AFAIK) the only beauty subscription box in the UK that specialises exclusively in Korean beauty and skincare products, the latest new thing in the international makeup and skincare world!

Kawaii Panda gives you two options in monthly subscription form, being the Panda Box- five full sized Korean skincare and makeup products for £18 a month (plus £2.80 shipping), or the mask pouch, five individual-use sheet masks for £8, with shipping included if purchased with the Panda Box.

It is also worth noting that this box does not auto-renew every month-you have to revisit the site, re-order and check out again every month to receive each box.


gloww box

Glowwbox was the first beauty box in the UK designed for women with darker skin and Afro hair, and costs £15 per month plus £3.95 shipping. Plus, for a limited time you can get your first box free (just pay postage) using code FREEGBX.

My Chocobelle Box


I have just found out about the My Chocobelle Box, and this is a second UK Beauty Box aimed to suit the skin and hair of Women of Colour. The My Chocobelle Box costs £12 per month for the month-to-month option, and contains five items of skin, hair, nail and cosmetic products that range from sample sized to full-size.

At the moment, if you use code LOVEBEAUTY you can get 10% off your order, plus free shipping-I am not sure how much the regular shipping cost for each box is!

So Susan Lip Love Bag


So Susan is a brand that pops up fairly regularly in a range of other subscription boxes including Birchbox and Glossybox, and they have also been offering their own monthly subscription bag for a few months now too.

The So Susan Lip Love bags come out monthly for a cost of $20.95 each (around £14-£15) including shipping worldwide. Despite the subscription being priced in dollars, these bags ship from the UK, and each month contain four full-sized makeup items plus the bag itself, which has a different theme every month. The bags contain only products from So Susan, and their two sister brands-Jelly Pong Pong and Trifle.

If you have tried out So Susan’s products before and loved them, this bag represents real value for money om their RRP’s, but you are of course limited in terms of the product ranges that they draw from. Pictured above is their March 2016 bag.

Love Me Beauty


Love Me Beauty is a bit different to the norm, in that each month you get given 60 membership credits, which you then use to purchase products from their boutique. This means that you can see and pick what you get each month, which seemed like a great idea to me-but ultimately, I found that taking the guessing away somewhat ruined the fun for me!

Each item in the boutique costs between 10-20 credits, and you are given 60 credits per month for £10 (plus £3.95 shipping). You can also buy packages of add-on credits, starting at £5 for 20.

You Beauty Discovery


You Beauty Discovery is associated in some way with the Daily Mail, and has some similarities with Love Me Beauty in that you get to see and pick your own selections each month, but you only get two items with You Beauty and no option to select more.

However, at just £6.95 per month including shipping, this is the lowest cost box that I know of, and might make it worth a whirl-albeit their March selection of products is, in my opinion, very weak.

Look Incredible

WP_20160407_16_13_11_ProLook Incredible is a more high-end box, costing £18.99 per month and an additional £2.50 shipping. Look Incredible gives you five full-sized items every month, and the quality and selection that they offer is, in my opinion, excellent.

Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box


The Look Incredible Deluxe Box is Look Incredible’s second and newest box offering, being even more costly at £35 (p&p included) per month. Other than saying that the products will all be full-sized and high end, there’s not a lot to go on as yet, but the March box has a total value of well over £100, including a full size bottle of Guerlain Shalimar perfume.



Cohorted holds the joint most expensive position, alongside of the above Look Incredible Deluxe Box. Cohorted offers two different boxes: the black edition (monthly) and white edition (quarterly), with the black edition being makeup themed, and the white edition being exclusively fragrance.

Each box is £35, and shipping is included. The black edition boxes contains only full-sized (and looking at previous edits, high end) items-five per box-and I’m not sure about the white edition.

Latest in Beauty

latest in beauty

Latest in Beauty offers a couple of options-buy one of their collated collections that are updated now and then and vary in price according to their value, or build your own box in much the same way as the Love Me Beauty box’s system by purchasing one of three different value choices .

Currently, the options are :

Three products, £8.99

Six products, £12.99

Nine products, £16.99

Products available include makeup, skincare, hair care, accessories and even costume jewelry, with the selection changing regularly.

Look Fantastic


Look Fantastic costs £15 per month (postage included) with reductions for longer-term subscriptions. The box contains four to five items per month, running from sample sized to full-sized.

Love Lula

Lula generic

Finally, Love Lula is just about the only box that I have not ordered, but it is generally well reviewed.

Love Lula specialises in natural makeup and skincare, including veggie and vegan, organic, and small-run labels. One month’s sub is £12.50, shipping included, with discounts for longer term subs too.

If you want to see a list of the nail products-only beauty subscription boxes in the UK, check out my other post, which will also be updated as and when I learn of any new ones. In the future, I will write a list of beauty boxes from abroad that will ship to the UK too. I think that’s it… If you know of a beauty subscription box that I have missed (or if I have made any errors in my list), please do let me know!

Finally, it is worth noting that I rarely add new posts to this blog as I simply don’t have the time to post new content regularly anymore — but you can always reach me or find out about my latest projects via my business website, Polly Kay Copywriting and Content Writing UK.


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    1. Thank you! So many people don’t know that Birchbox and Glossybox are not the only UK options! In the next week I will make a post about boxes from other countries that will ship to the UK.


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