Mishibox March reveal/review: A Korean beauty box that ships to the UK


Mishibox is a beauty subscription box that specialises in Korean beauty and skincare products, and is based in the USA. Mishibox is one of the few American beauty boxes that ship to the UK, and the box costs $19.95 per month plus $5.95 for international shipping, which converted to £18.63 in total in UK money for my last order.

Mishibox is hugely popular in the USA, to the point that upcoming boxes are often fully sold out a month or even two in advance, so you may have to wait a while after you sign up to start receiving your boxes!

If you want to try out a Korean skincare box but don’t want to wait for international shipping or potentially have to join a waitlist before you start receiving your boxes, Kawaii Panda is an alternative Korean beauty box that ships from the UK-check out my March 2016 review and reveal of Kawaii Panda here.

Due to the delays involved in international shipping, my March 2016 box only arrived today, and I will now post my reveal, followed by my verdict. So, what’s in the Mishibox March 2016 beauty box?

Secret Key Snail Repairing Eye Cream


The March Mishibox had an early reveal plus an opt out/substitution option for one of their key products-a full-sized facial cleanser by a company called Velieve (RRP $15). I am happy with my current cleansing regime and so, selected one of the two alternative products: Secret Key Snail Repairing Eye Cream. The other alternate product offered was a Saint Peau Baobab Soft Peeling Gel, with an RRP of $11.

For those not familiar with Korean skincare, snail slime features heavily in a lot of moisturisers, serums, masks and gels, and it is supposed to be very moisturising and combat the signs of aging. The snails are farmed for their slime humanely, and only their slime or “trail” is used, not actual snails themselves!

This snail repairing eye cream is a full-sized 30g product (this is around double the size of the average UK eye cream) with an RRP of $17

D’Ran Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Essence


This 35ml full-sized renewing essence retails at $34, and is designed to smooth, brighten and improve your skintone, as well as relieving dry, tired skin.

Lador Perfect Fill-Up Hair Ampoule


This single-use 13ml ampoule is designed to be mixed in a bowl with water before application, and then applied to your hair and left to work for around 20 minutes to help to repair damage and enrich your scalp and hair. RRP $4.

Please excuse the horrendous nails, I got a little bit over-adventurous with some neon gel polishes last night, and it did not work out as expected!

TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch


This pouch contains a pair of single-use eye masks that are designed to hydrate and brighten dull skin around the eyes, reducing dark shadows and helping to hide fine lines. RRP $3.

Purederm Ultra Repair Foot Mask (Apricot) 


This is a new concept to me-a foot mask! The pouch contains one pair of single-use “socks” that contain a range of moisturising and soothing ingredients such as Shea butter and apricot. Put the “socks” onto clean feet and leave on for around half an hour, and try not to walk around too much! RRP $6.

Velieve Girlish Mask


The sixth and final product in the box was a sheet mask from Velieve. There were four different options that went out to subscribers, each designed to tackle different skin care concerns-the mask I got, pictured above, is a lifting collagen mask. RRP $2.

My Verdict

This is the first Mishibox that I have received, and my only other experience of Korean skincare products came from the March Kawaii Panda box, a UK based Korean beauty subscription box that I reviewed here.

Mishibox costs a total of $25.90 including the shipping to the UK, and with the total value of the products in the box being $66, appears to be very good value for money so far. I am not usually overly keen on receiving face masks in beauty boxes-I generally find them to be not particularly well suited to my own skincare needs, but even though there were three masks in this box of six items, I actually liked them all-a foot mask is a new concept to me, the eye mask is definitely something I will try, and I am also interested to see if the sheet mask from Velieve works out well too.

I was pleased to get the option to receive the snail eye cream, as I spent a long time contemplating whether or not I could get over the “ick” factor and give a snail product a whirl, as they are becoming so popular. I finally decided that I could when I spotted the option to receive this $17 product in my box just as my current supply of eye cream is dwindling, and I am excited to try it out and see if it does anything for my dark circles and fine lines! The generous 30g size means that it will last a long time too, so that I can really judge whether or not it works for me.

Finally, the D’Ran Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Essence is something that I will likely try out first of all as a serum. Whilst Western skincare for your face usually consists of cleanse, tone and moisturise (I use a separate eye cream, and a serum of some form before moisturising too), the usual Korean skincare regime is rather more convoluted, with anything from six to twelve steps to it, depending on how you go about it.

For this reason, it is hard to classify Korean moisturisers and serums into order when it comes to using them in a simpler regime with less steps, and so I feel that this product would be suitable as either a pre-moisturiser serum or as a moisturiser itself, depending on your skin and how you find the product.

The box of the product itself states that it is “whitening and anti-wrinkle,” and I certainly don’t need a product to make my skin any paler-I also really dislike the “whiter skin is more beautiful” concept that prevails in some cultures, which is, like most issues that face PoC, an aspiration that us white folk imposed on society in the first place. I suspect that this element of the product may put some people off. Looking into the product more online, however, the general consensus seems to be that the “whitening” aspect really means “brightening,” but I will see what I discover when I start using it!

Overall, the Mishibox Korean beauty subscription box appears to be good value for money based on their March 2016 edit, and the products within it are interesting due to how different they are to the types of products we can buy in the UK, and so I expect to use all of the products in this box.

I would like to see some Korean makeup in future edits, as all of the contents of this box were skincare. April’s Mishibox is due to ship on the 4th April, and you have a couple of days left to sign up to receive it as the box has not yet sold out.

Do you use any Korean skincare products? Tell me in the comments.




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