UK Beauty Boxes that supply only full-size products

I am always very pleased to receive full-sized products in my beauty boxes, and my favourite beauty subscription boxes tend to be those that only provide full-size products.

I was counting up how many of the UK Beauty Boxes (and international boxes that ship to the UK) fall into this category, and realised that there are currently eight that I know of-so in this post, I will list all of the Beauty boxes available to the UK that promise only full-sized products each month.

Look Incredible


Look Incredible is a UK-based beauty box that provides five full-sized products in the box each month, usually  from premium brands such as Urban Decay and Smashbox. The box costs £18.99 per month plus £2.50 shipping.

Look Incredible Deluxe Box


The Look Incredible Deluxe Box is more expensive at £35 per month with shipping included, and offers four to five full sized products per month, all of which are high end and usually, expensive!



Cohorted also costs £35 including shipping, and comprises of five full-sized items per month, often from high-end brands.

Kawaii Panda


Kawaii Panda is a Korean beauty of K-beauty box, which ships from the UK, promising five full-sized Korean makeup and skincare products each month for £18 plus £2.80 shipping.

So Susan Lip Love


The Lip Love Bag from So Susan is priced in $$ on their website, but nonetheless, ships for UK customers from the UK. While the name implies that this is a bag for lip products only, it is not-the range each month incorporates four full-sized makeup items from within the So Susan range, and from their sister brands, Jelly Pong Pong and Trifle Cosmetics. Each month’s products also come within their own canvas zip-up bag.

The cost per month is $20.95, including shipping.

Lip Monthly

Lip monthly generic

Lip Monthly ships from the USA, and costs $12.95 a month, including shipping to the UK. Each month, you receive a small makeup bag, and four to five full-sized items, which are usually lip-related but sometimes include another makeup product.



The Nourish beauty box website is priced in $$, but actually ships from the UK to UK customers. Nourish specialises in paraben-free natural beauty products, and each month, collates a collection of three full sized makeup and skincare products for their subscribers, as well as a limited edition printed tote bag. The cost of the box is $34.95 for the month-to-month option, with UK shipping included.



Mishibox‘s site text states that they supply 5-6 deluxe samples and full sized items in each box, but based on my experiences of the subscription, there are always at least four or five full-sized items in the box-so while you are likely to get smaller offerings too, I thought it was worth including as it generally supplies as many full-sized items (plus extras) as any other full-size box.

Mishibox is another Korean beauty or K-Beauty box, this time shipping from the USA, at $19.95 per month, plus $5.95 for shipping to the UK.

Of course, many of the other UK beauty boxes also often contain some full sized products or do special full size edits too; for a list of all of the UK’s current beauty boxes, click here.

If you know about another beauty box available to the UK that contains only full-sized products, please let me know!


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      1. Well I’ve identified no less than nine (including Birchbox and Glossybox) boxes that will ship to Ireland now, and I’m waiting to hear back from a final two before I write it up! 🙂

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