Irish beauty subscription boxes: A list of boxes that will ship to Ireland

One thing that I have realized from talking to my Irish friends and some fellow beauty bloggers is that the Republic of Ireland tends to get a pretty raw deal when it comes to finding beauty boxes that will ship over there, despite all UK beauty boxes happily shipping to NI!

With this in mind, I have collated a list of all of the beauty boxes I can find that will ship to Ireland, some of which are UK-based and some of which come from further afield. There are currently 11 boxes all told, and I will update the list as and when I hear of more, so read on for my current list of Irish beauty subscription boxes.

Birchbox: Receive The Best Of Beauty Every Month


Birchbox is the biggest name in beauty boxes both in the Ireland and the UK, which means they top the list and showcase a huge range of brands and products that won’t appear in other boxes. The box costs £10 (GBP) per month plus £2.95 shipping to Ireland, meaning you don’t get gouged on the postage either!

Sign up here: Birchbox: Receive The Best Of Beauty Every Month



Glossybox is a large, international beauty box brand, and they have been serving Irish customers for longer than any other company. Glossybox costs €14 plus €5 shipping per month, and again contains a mix of full-sized and travel sized items, and offer excellet value for money.

Look Fantastic


Look Fantastic starts at £15 (GBP) per month for the month to month option, with good reductions available for longer-term subscriptions. This includes free shipping to Ireland. Look Fantastic offers a range of makeup, hair and skincare items ranging from travel to full sized, and tends to be more slanted towards skincare than makeup as a general rule.

So Susan Lip Love Bag


The So Susan Lip Love Bag contains four makeup items per month, all from So Susan and/or their two sister brands: Jelly Pong Pong and Trifle Cosmetics, all contained in a specially themed canvas zipper bag.

The bag is priced in USD but ships from the UK, and costs $20.95 per month with shipping all included. The products are always full-sized items only, but I would say having received several bags now that their full-sized items are often a lot smaller than you might expect, compared to other brands.

Love Lula


Love Lula is more of a green beauty subscription box, and they specialise in products that are natural, organic, veggie, vegan etc. While you can’t have the one-month box delivered to Ireland, if you sign up for their three monthly or annual subscription options, they will ship to the Republic for an additional £5 per box.

The three month subscription costs £52.50 and the annual option £210, all priced in GBP and including shipping to Ireland (or worldwide).


gloww box

Glowwbox is a beauty box specially designed to meet the needs of Women of Colour, or women with non-Euro hair and skin. Glowwbox is priced in GBP, and costs £15 per month, plus £7.95 for shipping to Ireland.

Kawaii Panda


Kawaii Panda is the UK’s first Korean beauty box subscription, offering a range of full-sized Korean or K-beauty items each month. They are happy to ship to Ireland, and the box costs £18 (GBP) per month, plus £6.95 shipping.

They also offer a mask pouch, containing five single-use sheet masks each month too for £8, which is shipped free if bought with the main box.

It is also worth noting that this box does not auto-renew every month-you have to revisit the site, re-order and check out every month that you wish to receive a box.

Nourish Beauty Box


The Nourish Beauty Box, like So Susan, is priced in USD, ships from the UK, and delivers to Ireland. It costs $34.95 per month with shipping included, and consists of a limited edition printed canvas bag-for-life, and three full-sized items of makeup and skincare that are always paraben, GMO and cruelty free, and usually sourced from natural, organic and sustainable suppliers.

Lip Monthly


Lip Monthly costs $12.95 (USD) per month, with shipping to Ireland included-plus, use code 50OFF to get 50% off your first bag!

Lip Monthly sends a small zipped makeup purse each month containing around four makeup items, of which three are usually lip products, and the fourth is a random piece of makeup. This is a fairly cheap subscription at the price, but I have found that the quality of the products somewhat reflects this!



Mishibox is the second K-beauty or Korean beauty box that ships to Ireland, and this one comes from the USA. Like Kawaii Panda, the items are full sized, and each month’s box costs $19.95, plus $5.95 shipping, which is very good value given the type and cost of the contents you receive.

La Ritzy

La Ritzy.jpg

La Ritzy is a USA based cruelty-free beauty box, which offers two different options per month: the LaRitzy Box at $24.99, containing 4-5 luxury and full-sized items, or the LaMini box for $14.99, which contains 2-3 luxury and full-sized items.

Shipping to Ireland for either option is an additional $10 per month.

Well that’s all of the beauty boxes that I can currently find that will ship to Ireland-if you know of any others, please get in touch and I will add them!


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