Lip Monthly May Reveal and Review-and generous discount code!


The May Lip Monthly bag arrived for me today, so I’ll post my reveal and review below. I also have a discount code to share that will get you your first bag for just $2.99, including shipping to the UK!


Lip Monthly is a USA-based monthly subscription beauty box, which ships to the UK as well for the all inclusive price of $12.99 per month. You can also get your first bag for just $2.99 including shipping to the UK, by signing up here and using code “GET299” at the checkout.

Lip Monthly is, as the name suggests, a beauty box for lip products, although often, one of the four to five items they send is a different makeup product. All of the products are full-sized, and each month’s offerings come encased in their own uniquely designed makeup purse.

The contents of the April bag was rather a disappointment for me, so was the May Lip Monthly selection any better? Read on for my reveal, followed by my verdict.

Please note, this month the usual product card telling you the value of each item was missing from my bag, and so the RRP’s I have listed for each product are the averages that I found online.

So Susan Jello Shot in “Hangover”


This gel/water consistency orange-coloured tube is a dual-purpose lip and cheek stain in a shade called “Hangover,” with an RRP. of £19.95. The rather alarming looking neon orange colour turns into a neon salmon shade when applied, and it only takes a couple of dots to create a noticeable stain.

Ecolips Ecotint in “Sugarplum”


I received this exact same product in the exact same shade in my March Lip Monthly bag, and I really liked it-but not enough to be overly pleased to receive a duplicate eight weeks later! RRP. $4.49.

Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in “Manna Babe”


The Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain claims to be a primer, stain and gloss all in one, which made me skeptical when I first tried it, as a stain and a gloss together seems like an impossibility-and I was sort of right and sort of wrong! When applied, it doesn’t have the kind of sticky sheen that I associate with a gloss, looking and feeling more like a thick liquid lipstick that needs blotting. If you blot it once or twice you are left with a subtle but noticeable matte colour, and if you don’t blot it at all, it liberally coats everything that touches your mouth.

Once it wears off (or if you blot it a lot), it leaves a faint pink stain that is very subtle. RRP. £16.99 (these are available to buy in the UK).

Dirty Little Secret Lipstick in “Vengeance”


Lipsticks from this new-to-me brand are $10 each, and this colour, “Vengeange,” produces a dark but not bright pink colour on the lips. The pigmentation is good but it is fairly glossy, and does not build particularly well.

My Verdict

I was pretty much disappointed in every way with the April Lip Monthly bag-the colours within it were odd and garish, and the quality of all of the products felt very cheap and nasty. After reviewing it, I literally could not even give the bag away-my friend’s twelve year old daughter even turned her nose up at it!

This month, the general quality of the products is much higher, with Manna Kadar and So Susan featuring alongside of the two lower-value products, both of which look and feel like good value, but again, I was not overly impressed with the collation.

The Ecolips tinted balm is exactly the same as I received in my March bag, and while I do like and use it, receiving a duplicate so soon seems a little sloppy.

The So Susan Jello Shot’s colour, I can only describe as confusing… It is called “Hangover,” which is, I assume, because it’s supposed to make you look a little less washed out if you’re feeling a bit grim… But it instantly made me thing of hangover headaches, given the shade that it is!

The Manna Kadar product and the Dirty Little Secret lipstick are both in hot pink shades, and again referring back to my March bag, as well as receiving the same Ecolips balm again, receiving a hot pink stick gloss and lipstick together is very similar to what I received in March too, albeit this time from different brands and so, in slightly different shades.

I don’t think I have yet received a really wearable colour or a versatile neutral from Lip Monthly, but I have had a lot of dark pink and brash gold/orange-y items from them, which are not really to my taste.

As fellow blogger That Geeky Girlfriend said to me last month, “I want to like Lip Monthly, but I just can’t be impressed,” and this pretty much sums up my feelings also.

Still, it was nice to receive a couple of higher value products this month, even if I was not 100% pleased with the colour choices, and as the bag only costs $12.99 a month including shipping to the UK, my innate fear of missing something good if I unsubscribe will keep me signed up for another month at least.

If you sign up to Lip Monthly here and use code “GET299” at checkout, you can order your first bag including shipping to the UK for just $2.99.




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