Dollibox May 2016 Reveal and Review


My May Dollibox beauty box arrived today, in its usual hot pink metallic bubble envelope! So, what was in the May 2016 Dollibox? Read on for my reveal, followed by my verdict.


Dollibox costs £10 per month plus £3.95 shipping, and they tend to ship their boxes in the middle or towards the end of the month.

Dollibox is a relatively new UK beauty box that quickly became one of my favourites, and it usually arrives in a pink Dollibox-branded box that this month that was absent, with the products loose in the envelope. So, did the May Dollibox live up to expectations?  Here’s my unboxing product reveal, followed by my review.

Schwarzkopf Sun Protect Travel Set, 3x100ml


First up, the large item in the envelope was this zipper bag containing three hair products from Schwarzkopf, which consisted of a sun protect shampoo, sun protect spray conditioner, and sun protect shimmer oil. Each of these are 100ml, and the bag that they come in has a waterproof lining and is described as a wet bikini bag.

Note that they specifically say “bikini,” and it is fair to say that a regular adult’s full bathing costume would not fit in the bag. This set has an RRP. of £15.95, and is stated on the package as being a salon exclusive.

I Love… Tinted Moisture Balm (Strawberry)


My first thought when I saw this was that it is a K-Beauty product given the packaging, and my second thought was that it reminds me of play makeup for little girls! This cute little pink pencil is a tinted balm that smells strongly (but not unpleasantly) of strawberry, and has an RRP. of £2.99.

Cuccio Colour Cruise Mini Laqueur


When they say this is mini, they aren’t kidding! It is pictured above next to a 50p piece for scale, and the info I can find online states that these bottles contain 3.5ml. Six colours were available, the others of which are all pearly pastels. The full-sized 13ml bottles of these cost £7.50, giving this mini a value of around £2.

My Verdict

….And that’s it! That was all that was in this month’s Dollibox, and I must admit, I was pretty disappointed. The total value of this month’s box at the stated RRP’s is £20.94, which I have to say is very weak for a box that costs £13.95 in total when you factor in the shipping. Compared to Dollibox’s April and March boxes, as well as of course competing brand’s May boxes, this is probably the poorest offering that I have seen, and I have raved about Dollibox in the past so this was a bit of a shock.

The three-piece hair set is nice enough, but will probably gather dust for me-the bikini bag may work out as a sponge bag, but it is too small to hold anything I ever swim in! Additionally, with the product being a salon exclusive, this tag generally means that it should be sold in salons only, upon the advice of a professional stylist who knows your hair and can make the appropriate recommendations for it, rather than being a one-size fits all type of product.

I really like the scented lip balm, although I probably won’t carry it in my bag because I would be wary of the top snapping off. It is cute and kitsch, which I like, but this may not be to everyone’s tastes.

The mini nail polish shade is the only one of the six they showed that I don’t like at all-and I often wear blue polishes. These miniatures are only sold as part of a set, and not available individually.

Overall, this month’s collation is my least favourite of any of the Dollibox’s so far, and also, of any of the other boxes I have received this month. I wonder if, being one of the small and less well-known boxes, they are running out of suppliers to work with; the value and selection this month felt very sparse, and I even double-checked the product card just to make sure there wasn’t something missing.

If this was my first Dollibox I think I’d definitely be cancelling my subscription now-and unless the June box brings their lineup back up to the standard I have come to expect from them based on past edits, I might unsubscribe from Dollibox myself.

Thumbs down this month, sorry Dollibox! 😦


3 thoughts on “Dollibox May 2016 Reveal and Review

  1. lilmizzstake

    I whole heartedly agree with your review. Previous boxes have always been impressive and this month just felt very disappointing. I’m not a big fan of hair care products in beauty boxes, and like yourself, the hair travel kit will just gather dust, so I will probably pass it on to someone. I hope they return to their usual calibre in June.

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