Cohorted June 2016 Beauty Box Reveal and Review


The Cohorted Beauty Box for June 2016 came in the mail today, so if you want to find out what was in this month’s box and what I thought of it, read on!


Cohorted is a UK beauty box subscription that costs £35 per month (shipping included) making it one of the more expensive options, equivalent to the excellent Look Incredible Deluxe Box, which I also reviewed earlier on this month.

The boxes contain four or five full-sized items, and the Cohorted website showcases brands such as NARS, Chanel and TheBalm as part of their box marketing, appealing to subscribers that are willing to pay a little more for full-sized, high end products only.

I actually skipped the May box because I was so underwhelmed with the April and March boxes, so was it worth giving them another go in June? Read on for my reveal, followed by my answer! Here’s what was in the June Cohorted box:

HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette in shade “Foxy,” RRP. £25


HD Brows as a company have become a big thing in the UK in the last couple of years due to their full HD Brows salon service and training academy for brow stylists. They also retail a small but well-collated range of products to use at home, such as their HD Brows palette seen above, which comes in three shades.

I received the “Foxy” palette, which is the medium-toned shade selection, consisting of four brow shades and a sealing wax, as well as a double-ended precision brush all contained within a mirrored compact. This item has an RRP. of £25.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in shade “Paimpol,” RRP. £20


This is a stubby pencil lipstick that was available in four shades; I received “Paimpol,” which is the very pale cool pink shown above. These lip crayon-type things are very popular this year, and I have received several other similar items from brands like Mac in other beauty boxes.

I don’t really love them as I find them a little messy and imprecise, but this NARS offering is narrower and better shaped than most, and so I got on much better with it! RRP. £20.

James Read Instant Bronzing Spray 200ml, RRP, £25


This product again came in two variants: The instant bronzing spray pictured above, or the wash-off body tan. Of the two options, I think this is the better one, but I don’t use fake tans and so I cannot really comment on the product itself. The diffuser-style spray nozzle looks good though! RRP. £25.

Lord and Berry Supreme Iridescent Eyeliner, blue, RRP. £12


The fourth and final product in the June Cohorted box was this deep blue eyeliner pencil from Lord and Berry. RRP. £12.

My Verdict

I have slightly mixed opinions on the June Cohorted box; I was kind of expecting to be disappointed because their March and April edits were so weak for the price, but this month’s box was definitely a lot better.

I was impressed with the HD Brows kit and this is more in line with the quality and type of items that I expect to find in a box that costs £35; the middle shade of the range was a fairly safe bet for everyone too, and even though I am pale and naturally red-blonde, there are shades in this kit that would work for me.

Receiving a NARS item too was a nice choice, although I really dislike the colour; that said, looking at the images of the four options, none of them would really suit me, and if the Cohorted people had to pick one that was the best fit for my colouring, Paimpol was likely it.

The James Read tanning spray isn’t something I will use, and the brand is one that I don’t know of, which often makes me slightly suspicious in high priced boxes, but it didn’t let the box down either.

The Lord and Berry eyeliner is the only product that I really wasn’t even remotely impressed with, for a lot of reasons. First of all, a blue colour is a pretty risky move when it comes to picking one shade that will suit all subscribers, not that I use eyeliner pencils anyway.

But my main gripe is that Lord and Berry is one of that small core of brands that I had never heard of before I started receiving beauty boxes, and have never seen sold, mentioned or referenced outside of as part of beauty box content. Their pencils and other products have been widely circulated before by other boxes including Birchbox, Look Fantastic, Love Me Beauty and others, and like So Susan, they are what I think of as a “beauty box brand.”

The fact that products just like this from Lord and Berry are so common in much cheaper boxes, and that Cohorted is pretty late to the game when it comes to including them in a collation as well as the low value (£12. RRP) of this item in a four-item box all combined to make me think of this item as the box’s weak link.

The total value of this month’s box was £82 which is very solid, and I felt that the majority of this month’s selection were worth the money as well.

Because this box is the first one I have received from Cohorted that has not been an outright disappointment, I am considering continuing my subscription for July-but having had my fingers burnt before, I am not yet quite decided!

You can sign up for Cohorted for £35 per month here.


4 thoughts on “Cohorted June 2016 Beauty Box Reveal and Review

  1. Julie

    I ordered Cohorted black and white boxes on the 5th May. Took £70 then another £35 and nothing was ever despatched. Their customer service is downright appalling and after claiming they sent my boxes they suddenly offered a refund – because they hadn’t. Even after assuring me twice they had. Simply the worst imo


    1. Jeez! They took two months from me too the first time, before I even got one box. Their leaflets often have errors in them (like the perfume in April, they said it was 100ml and it was 60 and as you say, they don’t really help or listen when you contact them. Look Incredible Deluxe is so much better for the same money!


    1. Ha ha I am obsessed… I spend pretty much all of my cash on boxes. 😀 Lord and Berry is a bit like So Susan to me, you only ever see them in boxes, and the items don’t feel like they match the RRP.

      Liked by 1 person

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