Eight things you’ll never have to buy again if you get regular beauty boxes


I have done some ersatz maths and realised that if you subscribe to just a couple of beauty boxes per month, there are a few things you will pretty much never need to buy again, so often do variations of them pop up in boxes.

While this can be a little frustrating, it does mean that you’ll never run out of say, black mascara, and at the cost of two boxes a month, which comes out at under £30 per month including shipping-you can make a pretty good saving, overall, or at least come out around even.

I generally get way more than two boxes a month, although real life has gotten in the way of my blogging and reveals about them over the last few months-so I think I can fairly tell you what type of products come up time and time again across price ranges and brands.

If you are looking for a good all-round beauty box at a low cost that will reliably stock your favourites, try Birchbox: The Gift Of Beauty Discoveries!
So, without further ado, here is my list of eight products you will never have to pay full price for again if you regularly get a couple of  beauty boxes!

Black mascara


This has become something of an in-joke with beauty bloggers, because black mascaras as so ubiquitous in beauty boxes. Pick any two beauty boxes, and between them, I swear you will get at least one black mascara every two months, and they are usually full size.



Pencils and liquid eyeliners are another staple-this one bugs me somewhat as I rarely use them. Generally again in universal black, with some variation.

Sun protection (in summer)


Full size, trial size, SPF 50, SPF 15, you name it-from around May to August, your beauty boxes will almost certainly deliver enough sun cream, self-tan and other tanning-related products to see you through until the winter.

Hand cream (in winter)


Hand cream tends to come up in boxes every couple of months regardless of the time of year, but in the winter, beauty boxes tend to go wild with hand cream samples and new full-sized products, to the point that it keeps you covered until it warms up again!

Lip balm


Lip balm is generally a relatively cheap product, and if you don’t have a real favourite and so, aren’t too fussy on the formulation, beauty box subscriptions will mean you never need to buy your own lip balm ever again. Bonus: lip balm offerings are generally full sized.



Blush or rouge is something that boxes include on the regular, so if you find it tricky to find the right shade or formulation, you’ll get plenty of chances to try different varieties!

Facial serum


If you like to use serum under your moisturiser but don’t have a real favourite, or like trying new products, facial serum (generally, but not always, in sample sizes) crops up often enough to keep you covered for once a day application pretty much year-round.

Face masks

Sheet masks, which are of course relatively cheap, pop up in boxes all the time, as do pots, tubes and potions. I have so many unopened face mask products now, I have no idea when I will get to use them all!

Nail polish is something else that comes up every other month in most boxes, but I haven’t added it to the list due to the amount of colour diversity. The same is true for lip sticks and stains etc., particularly the currently popular chubby pencil sticks.

Additionally, there are several brands that seem to pop up in boxes so often, that I have to wonder about the actual retail price of their items being higher than they should as a result of funding this-So Susan is one in particular that is a beauty box staple, and Nuxe is another.

Have you spotted a product that I have missed that keeps popping up time after time? Let me know!



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