Eight things you’ll never have to buy again if you get regular beauty boxes


I have done some ersatz maths and realised that if you subscribe to just a couple of beauty boxes per month, there are a few things you will pretty much never need to buy again, so often do variations of them pop up in boxes. Continue reading “Eight things you’ll never have to buy again if you get regular beauty boxes”


Check out my new nails! Duochrome blue/purple gels applied at home.


I am a recent convert to the whole do your own gel nails at home thing, having flatly refused to believe for far too long that you could get salon-quality lasting results at home without a beautician’s qualification. I was wrong, and now I won’t shut up about it… In fact, I think I might do a post soon about what you need in order to do your own gels, and some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way via trial and error!

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Dollibox March 2016 reveal and review!

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My Dollibox arrived in the post today-this is the March 2016 edit, and only the second bow from this brand that I have received. Based on the contents included this month and last, Dollibox is currently leading the field for me as the best low cost UK beauty subscription box…

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Glossybox March 2016 unboxing reveal/review


Glossybox is one of the two main UK beauty subscription boxes, costing £10 per month plus £3.25 shipping (discounts are available for longer-term subscriptions).

I have just received the Glossybox March edit (UK) and will give my thoughts on the contents after the reveal.

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I have mermaid nails! (Perfect Summer chameleon gel polish review)


Doing my own gel nails at home is a new thing that I only caught onto a couple of months ago, and it has been a real revelation for me. The DIY type, when done right, have all of the longevity and hard-wearing qualities of salon gel or acrylic nails, but you can do them at home when it suits you, with little more skill than it takes to apply a regular polish.

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